Among The Stars
(Inner World Music)


Remastered and repackaged for a special 2008 CD reissue, Among The Stars still features the same great music that Mike Pinder recorded on the 1994 original pressing of his fantastic comeback classic. While releasing several famous spoken word albums since then, Pinder has yet to return to a renewed solo presence in the pop world. On the bright side, Mike produced and recorded two excellent CDs with the Pinder Brothers band, featuring his sons Mike Lee and Matt and, in the proceses, even worked again for the first time in ages with original Moodies producer Tony Clarke on the second Brother's album, Ordinary Man. Clarke, seen in the banner ad above, is often and correctly referred to as the 6th Moody. With an up close and personal pic of the 2008 Mike on the cover, the packaging of the '08 Among The Stars remaster omits discography info but it’s known that Mike employed a number of top guitarists and musicians for the sessions. Commenting on the ATS reissue in July 2008 Mike adds, 'The tracking info was on the original but we just wanted to keep it simple for the re-packaging. We are going to put it on the website as soon as possible. The CD will be available through the website, CD Baby and digital distribution, ie; iTunes, etc. I just wanted to gjve ATS more depth and warmth. I felt that that was always lacking in the mastering we did originally. There seemed to be a hole in the middle, sonically. I went to Ken Lee who mastered some of the Moodies remixes. He lives near me in Northern California. Ken has mastered some great CD's over the years and he has a good ear. I feel we achieved a warmer, clearer sound with richer textures.' From an original Moody Blues fan’s perspective, it’s a downer that in the 15 years since Mike released the original CD of Among The Stars, it’s hard to believe there’s been no reconcilliation of the original Classic 7 Moody Blues lineup. If the last bonus cut on the 2008 U.S. CD reissue of the Moodies final and possibly greatest album together, Seventh Soujourn—an unreleased first and only track for the aborted follow up, entitled “Islands”—was any indication of what we’ve been denied on this late lamented look back, as Jimmy Durante would put it, ‘We was robbed!’ www.mikepinder.com


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