Lover's End
(Blomljud Records)


With the late 2010 CD release of Lover’s End, Swedish prog-rockers Moon Safari really come into their own. The group’s 2008 album, Blomljud found the band gaining a foothold in this early 21st century prog-rock world, but with Lover’s End the results are even more winning. The CD starts off in style with the two part “Lover’s End” title track composed by Petter Sandström (guitar / tenor vocals). Certainly a brilliant start to this album, the song “Lover’s End Pt. 1” skillfully combines 6 piece Beach Boys / 10cc style harmonies and melodies that would make Brian Wilson smile, while kicking it into overdrive with a driving prog rock beat. With their patented vocal arrangements, Moon Safari invokes quite a unique sounding harmonic convergence indeed. Following Petter's title track, the music that follows tastefully blends in the musicianship and song writing talents of his bandmates, brothers Simon Åkesson (keyboards / tenor vocals), Sebastian Åkesson (bass vocals) and Pontus Åkesson (guitar / tenor vocals), with all grounded by the rhythm section of Johan Westerlund (bass / baritone vocals) and Tobias Lundgren (drums / tenor vocals). Obviously, Moon Safari are rising stars in the international music world, and in recent years, rarely has a prog-rock band combined and accented such a layered wall of vocal sound so effectively. With Lover’s End, Moon Safari stakes their claim among the dilligent defenders of 21st century progressive European rock music. In addition to the sounds, the CD also features a well designed booklet topped off by a very intriguing looking, Ingmar Bergman inspired kind of cover painting, adding even more to the wow factor.


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