Lone Rider
(Lone Rider Records)


Back in the ‘60s there were so many great movies that were made greater by outstanding soundtracks from huge names like Morricone, Mancini and U.K. soundtrack king John Barry. A great fan of ‘50s and ‘60s soundtrack music and guitar icons like The Shadows, The Ventures and more, U.K. based guitarist Peter Williams has a number of CDs to his credit, including several all instrumental tributes to British pop icons Billy Fury and John Leyton. While those English artists might not be well known in the U.S, Williams has another fine 2007 CD entitled Lone Rider: Great TV & Movie Western Themes, that should have crossover appeal with guitar fans outside the U.K. Featuring track by track dedications to all the stars featured in the movies and T.V. shows that featured these classic soundtrack themes, Lone Rider features Williams in the studio reworking 23 themes from classic themes like “Bonanza,” “High Noon,” “The Big Country,” “The Magnificent Seven” and much more . Liner notes by Williams and his American fan Doug Abbott discuss the significance behind Williams and his latest guitar extravaganza. Commenting further on recording his guitar instrumental tribute CDs to his U.K. pop heroes, Williams adds, ‘I had completed my tribute to Elvis album for the Elvis fan club over here - Sentimental Me - Instrumentally Elvis and I thought it would be great to cover Billy Fury, who was the closest we got to having our own Elvis over here. I always remember seeing Billy on stage back in 1962 and became a fan from then onwards. I contacted Chris Eley who runs The Sound Of Fury, Billy's fan club, and put the idea to him. At that time, Chris was skeptical, but I said I would do a few tracks and he could make the decision as to should I complete the album. Fortunately, he loved what I did, so I created Billy Fury - Always Remembered and then I did a second volume, encouraged by the success of the first CD. To bring John Leyton into the picture, I was doing a 3 hour show on Radio Caroline over here, and the reason for that was to play a wide selection of my tracks, together with my all time favorite records. John's manager, Steve Etherington was listening and after the show he called me to suggest I did a tribute album to John. Steve coined the phrase 'My Voice is my Guitar' which has stuck ever since. The reason for this is my guitar replaces the vocal line and I try to play my guitar as true to the original song as I can. I have future projects to cover Gene Pitney, Del Shannon and Roy Orbison These were 3 fantastic singers, and I can't wait to cover some of their material. My next album will come out October this year which will be a Christmas album and it will be called Instrumentally Christmas. For Valentines Day 2009 I am in the process of recording In A Romantic Mood. I do love to play ballads that contain a lot of emotion. Seems to bring out the best in what I do.'


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