Midnight Souvenirs
(Verve Records)


One of America’s best rock/R&B singers, Peter Wolf made a lot of fans thanks to his great singing and song writing in the J. Geils Band. Blending ballsy rock and roll with a unique slant on progressive R&B, Wolf and guitarist Jay Geils released a number of great albums back in the early ‘70s and after a long time out of the public eye, Wolf returns in style with his seventh solo album, the 2010 CD release of Midnight Souvenirs. An excellent showcase for Wolf’s one of a kind singing skills, the 14 track CD features the singer co-writing with some song writing talents, especially the esteemed Will Jennings, whose co-writing gives the album an air of refined, country-flavored rock and roll meets R&B. Superbly produced by Kenny White, the CD also benefits from a series of duets pairing Wolf with music icon Merle Haggard and current pop singers Neko Case and Shelby Lynne. After a few spins, it really seems whatever genre Wolf delves into he always comes up like roses. Some top players assist in fleshing out the proceedings, including guitarists Duke Levine and Larry Campbell, bassist Paul Bryan, drummer Shawn Pelton and more. Featuring Wolf's spiffy artwork, the CD is tastefully designed and packaged. With so many memorable tracks to pick and choose from, Midnight Souvenirs is poised to be rated among the best pop CD releases of 2010. A good example of how integral the internet has become when it comes to reviving musical history, Wolf’s state of the art web site is truly an eye-opener. Serving almost as a musical trip-tik, the website traces Wolf’s early years growing up in NYC right up to his current activities. Although it opens up in a new browser window, don’t forget to take a listen to Peter’s cool web site jukebox!


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