Firebird VII


Back in 1975, Phil Manzanera recorded his now historic album with the group Quiet Sun. Entitled Mainstream, that fantastic recording featured Phil in the company of drummer Charles Hayward and bass player Bill MacCormick. On Phil’s 2008 solo CD Firebird VII, he teams once again with Hayward and MacCormick, as well as Yaron Stavi (bass) and classical/jazz pianist Lezek Mozdzer. A modern masterpiece of cutting edge instrumental rock fusion, Firebird VII was partly inspired by Phil’s red and white Gibson Firebird VII guitar—his signature guitar that he’s had a 35 year music partnership with. Each of the musicians here contributes a track and in fact, both pieces by Hayward and MacCormick were written way back in the ‘70s for the Quiet Sun album, but until now, never were recorded. Not only is Firebird VII superbly recorded and tastefully arranged, but the CD cover art is pleasing to behold and is topped off by a fine booklet detailing the album’s origins, in depth bios of all the players contributing and of course some well timed history behind Phil’s famous red signature Firebird guitar.


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