Ordinary Man
(One Step)


Two years ago The Pinder Brothers released their acclaimed debut CD Jupiter Falls and now in 2008 they follow up with the equally impressive Ordinary Man. The eleven cut OM features the brothers continuing to combine all manners of pop, rock and folk-rock all on one CD. Featuring the combined compositional might and musicianship of Mike Lee Pinder and brother Matt Pinder, Ordinary Man also features key contributions from their famous dad, Moody Blues founder Mike Pinder, long time Moody Blues producer Tony Clarke, along with a host of musicians including rock fusion guitar ace Stef Burns. Regarding working again with Tony Clarke, this time on the new Pinder Brothers album, Moodies legend Mike Pinder states, ‘Working with Tony was like Days of Future Passed. It was the 'good old days' once again. Studio tools have changed of course and Tony now works in the studio with a software program called Logic and although I have used a previous version of Logic, we work with Pro Tools. Kicking ideas around with Tony was very much like the old days of Moody recording sessions. Tony still has great ideas.’ Just as fine a spin as the brother’s '06 debut Jupiter Falls, the eleven cut Ordinary Man combines a wealth of radio friendly rockers, most notably the album’s spotlight track “Inside Me,” a song that could have fit on an early ‘70s Moody Blues album, along with other key tracks such as “Waves Crash” and the solid rock bounce of “Hold Me Tonight.” With the 2008 release of Ordinary Man, the Pinder Brothers continue to perfect their engaging rock and pop chemistry.


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