Primal Twang
(Adams Entertainment)


Dan Crary isn’t only an amazing fingerstyle acoustic guitar master, but he’s also a musicologist. On the 2007 DVD release of Primal Twang - The Legacy Of The Guitar, Crary performs both as a guitar instrumentalist and singing MC of sorts as he retells the history of the guitar in modern times with the help of artists such as Albert Lee, Doyle Dykes, Mason Williams, Doc Watson, Eric Johnson, Andrew York and many other fine players. Crary excels in this sort of audio documentary of the guitar, covering classical and flamenco through, the dust bowl years of Woody Guthrie, on to icons like Les and Chet, then to the Sun years of Elvis and Scotty Moore to Dylan and the folk-rock revival of the early ‘60s, surf, instro and assorted classical gas to The Beatles, Hendrix and beyond. Filmed in September 2006, and set for DVD release in December 2007, Crary’s two hour history of the guitar show and story are accompanied by eye-catching graphics and film clips and makes for rewarding family entertainment.


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