Psychedelic Phinland


Most people think of psychedelic music and the Summer of Love as something that was happening out in California back in 1967. Much of that imagery is true but throughout Europe the ripple effects of The Beatles, Doors, Hendrix and Cream were being felt as well. Case in point is Finland, a country that’s always had a rich musical culture. Tucked away all the up in Northern Europe, east of Sweden, Finland was rocking by 1967, thanks in part to the genesis of pioneering rock bands like Blues Section and Wigwam. Rare early works from those two bands are among highlights on a double disc import from Finland’s Love Records called Psychedelic Phinland: Finnish Hippie & Underground Music 1967-1974. The 29 cut double CD is real ear opener for those unfamiliar with the roots of Finnish rock, avant-garde and alternative music. Thanks to the eclectic talents of singer-songwriter Jim Pembroke, Wigwam was a Finnish band that made inroads abroad yet here under one roof is a wide range of wild Finnish rock grooves, dating back to 1967. Another highlight is a cannabis-seasoned prog-rock jam instrumental cut by Baby Grandmothers, from 1968, with Swedish guitar great Kenny Håkhansson. Some cuts feature Finnish vocals, but the 20 page booklet is written in English and is packed with info and vintage photos.


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