In his native Finland, guitarist Pekka “Rekku” Rechardt is best known as the lead guitarist in the ‘70s rock band Wigwam. Signed to Virgin Records way back in 1974, Wigwam—led by British singer-songwriter Jim Pembroke—turned the "Eurock" market on its head in the late ‘70s recordings a number of inventive, rocking, pop culture classics featuring Rechardt’s soaring lead guitar work. Featuring Rechardt solo, accompanied by top Finnish sidemen, his 2008 CD Snakecharm is similar in style to Some Several Moons, Wigwam’s 2005 comeback album—a sprawling, wide screen rock sound multilayered by Rechardt’s jazzy rock guitar instrumental group seasoned with occasional vocal tracks here performed by female vocalist Marika Liuski. The neo-prog vocal tracks are well done and the instrumental tracks seals the deal on this 2008 Finnish CD import.


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