Violet Horizon
(Favored Nations)


Aspiring guitar shredders seeking fortune and/or fame should spend a good hour listening to the new CD from guitarist Rob Balducci, entitled Violet Horizon. A pretty picturesque title no doubt, but just maybe what if that sky turned a purplish haze...ah, you get the picture. It’s true, Hendrix would have dug Balducci’s guitar bravado and electrifying tonal stratagem. Both Joe Satriani and Favored Nations president Steve Vai have both been singing the praises of his guitar prowess and on the 15 cut Violet Horizon Balducci simply breaks through with the goods. I suppose the thing that younger players should take most note of is the sonically rewarding studio approach Balducci deftly executes here. There are benefits to using good mic-ing, mixing and mastering (the 3 m’s of music!) I know it’s easy these days, but let's pay some attention here! Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Of course, another guitar legend from Long Island, Steve Vai is a sonic genius who puts tons of effort into his releases, even so FN’s Balducci CD hits a new high for the estate of the guitar. Even music fans who couldn’t sit through much of your generic heavy rock guitar might like this. Balducci’s sonic appeal sort of transcends rock school style metal-ized posturing. So listen up young-uns! After you’ve learned yer Jimi and Jeff, go to and pick up Violet Horizon. {Cool to see Rob is also a guitar grad of my own Alma Mater out here on Long Island, N.Y., long live the illustrious Five Towns College!}


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