Blessings And Miracles


The original Latin rocker going all the way back to the Woodstock era, guitar icon Carlos Santana returned in late 2021 with Blessings And Miracles. The 15-track album was recorded during the global pandemic and is being called one of the most ambitious and inspired albums in Santana’s 50+ years of releasing album. In the spirit of Santana’s 1999 Supernatural album, Blessings And Miracles is a star-studded affair featuring Carlos in the company of a number of rock and jazz legends including Steve Winwood and Chick Corea. Also adding to Blessings And Miracles are Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover, Matchbox 20 vocalist Rob Thomas and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. The guitarist’s daughter vocalist Stella Santana, his wife Cindy Blackman Santana on drums as well as producer Rick Rubin also lend their talents to various tracks here.

Fans of Santana’s jazzy fusion albums will enjoy “Angel Choir / All Together”, a Blessings And Miracle highlight featuring the late great keyboard wizard Chick Corea and Chick's wife Gayle Moran Corea. Other highlights include a love letter from Carlos to his wife called “Song For Cindy”, an instrumental jewel, and a pair of tracks penned by esteemed pop songstress Diane Warren. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Blessings And Miracles is the sheer diversity of musical styles and sounds. A stunning mix of Latin rhythms and percussion and hard rock, hip-hop and fusion tracks, Blessings And Miracles is pulsating with fresh sources of energy. The track with Traffic founder Steve Winwood, a cover of the 1967 Procol Harum classic, “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” is an unexpected delight that pairs two classic rockers on a very atmospheric cover that is true to the original. The above-mentioned “Song For Cindy”, is a track that should find much affinity among Santana’s faithful instrumental guitar flock.

Any way you look at it, in the 2020’s any album of new music from guitar legend Carlos Santana is a cause for celebration. The fact that Carlos is back with a such an impressive cross section of sounds and styles will insure that his patented guitar sound continues to be appreciated by the widest possible cross section of music fans. With Blessings And Miracles Carlos Santana is back in action with his most diverse sounding album.





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