Following his releasing some of the great electric guitar fusion albums of the 2000’s, Scott Bradoka hasn't been resting on his laurels. Having toured Europe with the Jeff Beck Group in the middle of the decade, Bradoka now puts his recording career into perspective with the 2009 triple disc release of Everything. Featuring 34 tracks spread over 2 CDs, Everything encapsulates the best of Bradoka’s recorded output over the past fourteen years, including studio tracks produced by guitar giants like Eric Bazilian and Carl Verheyen. The CD's also include four new studio tracks, 2 live tracks and a pair of hip-hop remixes. Many of the tracks have been remixed and remastered especially for this package. Accompanying the 2 CDs is a five track DVD featuring bonus footage of Bradoka in his studio demonstrating some of his guitars. Tying it all together at the same time, Bradoka has also released a coffee table style hard cover book, entitled My Collection showing over 100 guitars from his vast collection. Commenting on his book, Scott adds, ‘I have been on a 25+ year adventure of searching out guitars. I not only collect, but I also play.’ Looking back, fans can enjoy Everything until Bradoka returns with his next, long awaited CD of all new music.

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Musical Background

I began playing guitar at age 7 when a cousin passed down her acoustic guitar. That lasted about two years until I became bored with the folk songs I was learning. When I was ten or eleven, I picked up the electric guitar and, for better or worse, never looked back. That being said, I guess I've been playing for about 32 years. I played in garage bands in junior high and high school and then graduated to clubs. In 1990 I attended GIT. I recorded my first 'real' demo in 1993, followed by a bunch of albums: Without Words (1995), Swamp Party (1997), Pulse (2000), Create Your Own Reality (2003), Live and Loose (2004), All You Want From Me (2008), and Everything (2009). I went on to tour, as support, with some great players like Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, Lee Ritenour, Dickey Betts, The Hooters, and Buddy Guy.

New CD

The new project, Everything, is a 2 CD + DVD set. It's a compilation from my previous CDs spanning the past 15 years of recording. It contains 34 tracks plus a 5 song DVD with some bonus footage from my studio showing some guitars from my extensive collection. Many of the older songs have been remixed and remastered. There are four new studio tracks, two live tracks from a show we played in Prague last summer, plus two hip hop remixes. It is a good snapshot of the past 15 years for me. For me, it's all about the melody. I realized early on that I wasn't a shredder. I think these tracks hold up as songs and not just vehicles to play over. I've been lucky enough to have some amazing players on this such as Eric Bazilian, Carl Verheyen, Jeff Golub, Chad Wackerman, etc. I also just completed is a new coffee table photo book showing over 100 guitars from my collection. Both can be found on my site.

Favorite Guitars

While I have over 120 guitars in my collection, my number one guitar is my 1956 Gold Top Les Paul with the original P90 pickups. That has been with me on every gig for the past 8 years. Some of my other favorites include my 1952 Telecaster, 1957 & 1958 Stratocasters, and a 1962 SG/Les Paul. For newer guitars, I love my Duesenbergs and my Trussarts. My live set up is fairly simple. I have a small Bradshaw rig with a few overdrives and fuzz boxes along with a Line 6 Echo Pro and a few modulation effects. That goes into either an old Vox AC30 or a Marshall head with a 4x12 cabinet. In the studio I have many amps and I usually record with nothing between guitar the amp. The new studio tracks were mostly straight into either a Suhr Badger head, a 65 Amps SoHo head or a Zinky Blue Velvet head.

Musical Influences

I remember having a K-tel compilation tape with a bunch of 70's rock songs and I loved the guitar on Jefferson Starship's “Jane.” I think that was my earliest rock influence. Then, in 1981, the second video I saw on MTV was “Hear About It Later” by Van Halen I was blown away by the power of Eddie's guitar. Later that year I saw Journey on an MTV concert and loved the way Neal Schon's guitar sang. So Craig Chaquico, Eddie Van Halen and Neal Schon are my earliest influences. As I read about them, I went back and discovered their influences like Hendrix, Beck, Clapton, etc.

There are so many albums that have influenced me over the years for different reasons. Jefferson Starship - Freedom at Point Zero, Van Halen - Fair Warning, and Journey - Escape - for getting me started. Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow, Neal Schon - Late Night, Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien, and Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom for guiding me in the instrumental direction. Some other guitar albums that have been extremely inspiring over the years are Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold As Love, Mike Landau - Tales From The Bulge, and Craig Chaquico - Acoustic Highway.

Web Site

My website is


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