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Sundazed Records’ honcho Bob Irwin knows his jangle pop by heart so it’s no wonder he signed new U.K. paisley poppers The See See, releasing their first U.S. album Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights in early 2014. Released on CD and Lp, the album compiles various tracks and early singles and is a catchy, upbeat look at a band basking in the glory of pop history while working and recording in the world of 21st century retro-pop. Central to The See See is lead singer and songwriter Richard Olson who comes following in the jingle-jangle morning in these days of future passed. Certain tracks on Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights sound influenced by any number of legendary pop music icons—from Love and The Byrds to Strawberry Alarm Clock and Buffalo Springfield. Of course Richard and his merry band of players can only dream about just how cool it was growing up in the 1950's and 1960’s but they come pretty darn close on a CD that brings the future up to date with a modern day reflection of a classic time and a classic sound that continues to be classic. Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights is a 21st century trip down jangle-pop memory lane by a rising band well worth keeping your eyes on. presents an interview with
Richard Olson of The See See

mwe3: Where are you from originally and where do you live now and what do you like best about it? What other cities and places do you like best?

Richard Olson: Hey. We’re from all over the globe but all met and live in London. I’m originally from Sweden, Kevin is from Detroit, Paulie is from New Zealand and Phil and Sam are from the U.K.

London’s a pretty giving friend but pretty frustrating from time to time too. It’s pretty hard work just paying the rent here. We love touring in Spain and Germany and a few of us just got back from L.A. and we love that city and its surrounding areas.

mwe3: What’s the inside story on the making of the new Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights album by The See See and how did the album get picked up for release on CD and Lp by Sundazed Records? What an honor that must have been and you must have really impressed Bob Irwin!

Richard Olson: Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights is a compilation comprising of songs from our first two albums and a few rarities as well as a few new songs.

It was an idea to do a compilation when Bob Irwin got in touch and said how much he liked our music. Since we’ve never had anything officially out in the U.S. and we’re on a pretty small but great label (Dell’Orso) in the U.K. we thought it’d be a great way to present ourselves to an extent to the U.S.

We’re incredibly honored to have been approached by Bob and his team and really proud to have made a record on Sundazed which of course is one of our favorite labels.

mwe3: What’s the chemistry like with the members of The See See and can you tell us who’s in the band, and who plays what and who sings and who wrote the music for the most part on the record and in concert? Who else was involved in the production, recording, mixing and mastering of the See See album and what did you think of Sid Griffin’s liner notes? No one knows more than Sid about ‘60s pop!

Richard Olson: The See See is myself singing and playing rhythm mainly, Sam on lead guitar, Kevin on bass, Phil on keys and Paulie on drums.

I write the majority of the tunes but they would never sound the way they do if it wasn’t for the input of the other guys, we’re all on the same musical wavelength with the same musical references with enough difference not to make it streamlined and still retain a spark. I consider myself very lucky to play with such amazing musicians and people.

As for recording we work with a few different people, namely Sean Read who used to be in the Rockingbirds, Jimmy Robertson who is one of the most talented producers I’ve ever had the honor to work with and Brian O’Shaugnessy of Bark studios who’s done some incredible records in his time. Namely Primal Scream & My Bloody Valentine’s “You Made Me Realize”. Bob Irwin of Sundazed mastered the record and really made it what it is,

Sid is a mate and a fan and a very cool guy to hang about with and as you say incredibly knowledgeable. Again, really happy he offered to write the liner notes.

mwe3: What instrument do you play and write music with and what’s your background in pop and rock music? Can you tell us when you decided to become involved in music and the music world and how did that lead to being a pop music composer?

Richard Olson: I mainly write on an acoustic. I came to the guitar quite late and, even though I don’t consider myself a very good guitarist, I learnt to play in some sort of folk tradition so I guess that shines through and is what I know best.

I’ve been releasing records with different bands for quite a long time but the one that influenced me the most was the band I was in before The See See, called Eighteenth Day of May. It was a English folk inspired combo in the vein of Fairport Convention. The time I spent in that band taught me a lot.

As for getting into music, it was the normal teenage thing. The fact that a song could make you feel something so intense physically and in your soul was a revelation. It’s a fix that you keep on chasing.

mwe3: What era of music did you grow up in, when did you start playing and writing and who were your biggest musical influences and some of your favorite albums? Can we ask your age? I’m 60 now so I was 14 when bought the Beatles “white album” back in November 1968!

Richard Olson: I was a teenager in the mid to late 90’s and even though the music that ruled the waves then surely influenced me somehow it was always my friends, older siblings and my older friends’ records that meant something to me.

So through them I got into bands like the Stone Roses and Spacemen 3 but then got guided down the path of what records those kind of bands listened to. And an older friend of mine turned me on to Fairport, Love, The Byrds, Big Star, the Chocolate Soup compilations, the Pebbles comps, Dion, Tim Hardin, Dylan... ad infinitum.

I think everyone who feels that way about music wants to recreate it themselves so I guess that how I started writing music.

The music that influences me is very vast. So much music gives me that feeling and my favorite records are too many to mention but off the top of my head today… Love’s Forever Changes, The Byrds, The Olivia Tremor Control, Lee Perry, Derrick May, Bob Dylan, The Pretty Things...

mwe3: What do you like best about the 21st century music world including the world of the internet and instant global communication and its impact on the music world? It seems so much easier now than it did 30 years ago! (for better or worse) wouldn’t you think?

Richard Olson: Well, for better and for worse yes. It’s a true revolution what has happened in music even just over the last 10 years and it is mostly great. How simple it is to record, release and interact with audiences and bands alike is incredible.

At the same time it’s harder than ever to make a living out of music and since the process is so simplified there’s a lot of rubbish coming out. Since it’s so decentralized it’s also very hard to reach out further but much easier to find your thing and what you like.

mwe3: What plans do you have for The See See as far as getting the word out about this album, then writing new music, recording and live concerts in 2014 and into 2015? What else is getting you excited about the future?

Richard Olson: We’ve already have the 3rd record ready to go, called Once, Forever & Again. We’re just waiting for details regarding the release date, probably September or October. We’re taking it easy on the gig front till then but will be doing some U.K. touring for the record and hopefully Spain and even more hopefully, the U.S.

In the meantime I will be concentrating on this side project a few of has called the Hanging Stars. Cheers!

Thanks to Richard Olson and The See See and Sundazed


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