Watercolor Day


All the pop mavens and pundits are falling over themselves in praise of Watercolor Day, the 2010 CD from 21st century pop proponent Seth Swirsky. Swirsky, lately is being compared in a favorable light to pop innovators like Brian Wilson, McCartney, Jeff Lynne and even songwriter Burt Bacharach. Back in the 1960’s the ears of EMI, the late great Norman Hurricane Smith worked so hard in the studio with The Beatles, helping them get that one of a kind ‘fab four’ sound. Luckily, Swirsky was able to get a quote on his own music from Norman before he passed away in early 2008. After hearing Swirsky’s earlier work with the group Red Button, Norman claimed, ‘If the Red Button was around in the ‘60s, I would have signed them to EMI!’ Hardly faint praise from the studio genius who basically crafted the Beatles’ studio sound and also the same guy who signed Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd to EMI as well. As a staff writer for a major publishing company, Swirsky has written tracks for a number of artists including Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson, Rufus Wainwright and he’s also busy completing a documentary called Beatles Stories, featuring key Beatles insiders like Graham Nash and Sir George Martin. He’s also written three best-selling books on baseball, including the wryly titled Every Pitcher Tells A Story. That said, for an up close and personal look and listen to Seth Swirsky, pop genius, look no further than the essential pop sounds in play on the 2010 CD release of the 18 cut Watercolor Day. Some top players assist Swirsky including producer Rick Gallego of the acclaimed pop band Cloud Eleven (bass, sitar, guitar), Probyn Gregory (french horn) and much more, but the songs are the real stars here. /


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