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With the 2007 DVD release of Solidbodies: The 50 Year Guitar War, the film’s producer /director Guy Hornbuckle has succeeded in crafting a fifty minute full length video documentary the will have great appeal with both guitarists and anyone interested in the history of the solid body electric guitar. As this modern guitar documentary intones, the fabled legacy of the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster guitars are as captivating as any in postwar American pop culture. Instead of stating that the music was the impetus behind pop culture and commerce, Hornbuckle takes on the case that the ascent of both the Les Paul and Stratocaster had a direct impact not only on musicians who championed their existence but equally so on the music they created. The historic film footage from the ‘50s and ‘60s is eye-opening and to state his case, Hornbuckle enlists a number of today’s cutting edge guitarists to supply a soundtrack, interview segments, guitar demonstrations and commentary over classic color and b&w footage from decades past. Among the guitar slingers breathing life into the movie are Joe Bonamassa, Gary Hoey, John Roth, Steve Selvidge and Derek Trucks with additional soundtracks and commentary from Greg Martin, Johnny A. and Rick Brannon. Even those who’ve never even played guitar will be amazed at how thoroughly entertaining detailed guitar machinations are explained. The best movie yet to document history altering electric guitars, Solidbodies is truly a primer course in not only the rise and fall and resurrection of the Les Paul but also just how influential both guitars were on the guitarists and the music that flowed out of the numerous distinct genres that have evolved ever since.


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