World, Universe, Infinity


Stef Burns has several fine solo albums to his credit and in 2007 he also laid down some excellent guitar solos on the second Pinder Brothers CD. On his long awaited 2008 CD World, Universe, Infinity Burns establishes another high watermark in his critically acclaimed career. Both as a singer-songwriter and a guitarist, Burns acquits himself in style on World, Universe, Infinity. Although his pop leanings are respectable, on track four here “Mepukori” Burns establishes a new standard for modern instrumental rock-jazz fusion. Interestingly, that track also features an appearance by Lyle Workman, another top rated guitar ace, who also co-wrote the track. Drums are handled expertly by McCartney thumper Abe Laboriel Jr. and other artists appearing include acoustic guitar ace Peppino D’Agostino, Huey Lewis (on harmonica) and many other gifted musicians.


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