Under A Mediterranean Sky
(Inside Out Music)


The year 2020 will be remembered mostly for the ill-fated global pandemic and, while 2020 may have been the year that made most Earthlings groan with disbelief, don’t tell that to prog-rock guitar legend Steve Hackett. Best known for his scintillating electric guitar work – both as a solo artist and as a member of the late, great 1970s prog-rock band Genesis – Steve is also a fabulous classical guitarist. Released following his recent Genesis live in concert tribute albums, Under A Mediterranean Sky takes the fabled guitarist back to his instrumental classical guitar roots, previously explored on his solo albums Tribute (2008) as well as his album tribute to Erik Satie, entitled Sketches Of Satie, from way back in 2000. A fresh batch of Steve Hackett originals, Under A Mediterranean Sky is a breathtaking music masterpiece that tastefully represents Steve Hackett as both classical guitarist and composer. Explaining the concept behind Under A Mediterranean Sky, Steve adds “Visits to the vast and atmospheric Arabian and Sahara deserts of Egypt, Jordan and Morocco inspired this music”. Also inspired by the Mediterranean island nation of Malta as well as the nations of Greece and Italy, the music on Under A Mediterranean Sky is lushly recorded and picturesque and, interestingly, it was also partly inspired by the pandemic of 2020. The guitarist further explains, “A lot of acoustic ideas had been forming over the years and it felt like the perfect time to create this album. Because we can’t really travel, substantially at the moment, I hope that the album will take people on that journey.”  Inside Out Music really pulls out the stops on Under A Mediterranean Sky, packaging the superbly recorded CD with a picturesque booklet packed with intriguing information about the album. The music on Mediterranean Sky was mostly written by Steve and his collaborators Jo Hackett and Roger King, the latter contributing keyboards, programming and orchestral arrangements. Very different in scope to Steve’s latest prog-rock albums, The Night Siren (2017) and At The Edge Of Light (2019), the 2021 release of Under A Mediterranean Sky is a welcome return to Steve’s ongoing classically-themed works. On another front, anyone that missed Steve Hackett’s autobiography, A Genesis In My Bed is strongly advised to find a copy and read it. Released as a 208 page book in 2020, A Genesis In My Bed finds Steve reflecting back on his colorful career, from growing up as a child in England, through to his times in Genesis as well as a wealth of insights into his ongoing and colorful solo career. The book takes the reader from the 1950s up to and including the early stages of 2020 global pandemic so it’s right on the cutting edge of Steve’s career as we fully enter the 2020’s. Even after several readings, the book keeps revealing fresh information about the legendary guitarist. A Genesis In My Bed shines an intriguing light on the life and times of guitar maestro Steve Hackett.




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