Steve Hackett appears in top form on his 2007 album Tribute. Ever the versatile fretboard ace, Hackett perfected goth rock back in 1971 with Genesis. Tribute captures Hackett in his classical guitar mode, summoning up some daredevil nylon string virtuosity all in praise of his iconic guitar mentors. Commenting on Steve’s recording timetable, Camino cofounder Billy Budis states, ‘The album was recorded at various times, in between other projects and touring, between April 2006 and mid 2007. It started as a recording of the Bach Chaconne but that turned out so well he carried on!’ Hackett’s performance is brilliantly executed throughout the thirteen track Tribute, while the model recording quality captures every nuance and fretboard move on an album that takes the classical guitar alive and well into the next century.


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