Big Sky


Most Yes fans knew close to nothing about ‘60s pop innovators The Syn until 2004 when Steve Nardelli reformed the band with original Syn members Pete Banks and then Chris Squire. Following the release of several Syn albums with Squire and Banks and a DVD of the January 2006 Syn tour of the U.S. with Squire and Yes drummer Alan White on board, Nardelli went back to the drawing board and the result is the 2009 CD release of what converts are calling the greatest Syn album of all, Big Sky. In contrast to the Yes flavored Syn reunions of 2004/2005, Big Sky features Nardelli with the latest Syn lineup featuring ex-Yes keyboardist Tom Brislin and guitar hero and Big Sky producer Francis Dunnery. Also on board are Ecolyn members, guitarist Bret Kull (credited in the CD liner notes with engineering, mixing and mastering) and Paul Ramsey (drums) as well as the backing vocals of renowned vocalist Dorie Jackson. Top musicians with solo careers of their own, both Brislin and Dunnery sound remarkably in sync with Nardelli’s latest mod-prog vision for the Syn. With one killer track after the next, Big Sky features some of the most inspiring music recorded to date by any Syn lineup. Rock driven in it's own unique way, the ten track Big Sky nevertheless stands tall alongside both 2004’s The Original Syn and 2005’s Syndestructible. For Big Sky, Nardelli replaces some of the colossal prog-rock edges of Syndestructible with a kinder, gentler guitar driven sound that tastefully mixes prog with pop. Dunnery’s nimble touch on acoustic / electric guitars yields some amazing sonic results while Brislin’s electronic keyboards lays down the finishing touches. Also of note on Big Sky is the sultry vocals of Dorie Jackson, here backing up Nardelli’s lead vocals. Daughter of Van der Graf Generator founder David Jackson, and an artist with a budding solo career, Dorie’s elegant sounding vocals clearly enhances Nardelli’s sage, Dylan / Lennon inspired insights. Modern prog with a solid ‘60s edge, Big Sky will appeal to fans interested in the Syn’s Yes connection but, with a distinct musical personality all it's own, Big Sky is a sonic delight for music lovers interested in knowing where progressive rock was and where it’s going now.


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