Still Dangerous
(VH1 Records)


The classic Thin Lizzy lineup—with the late, great Phil Lynott (bass, vocals), the twin powerhouse guitars of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson and drummer Brian Downey—are remembered on a 2009 CD entitled Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theatre. Released on VH1 Records the ten track CD captures the all time classic Thin Lizzy lineup. The CD was superbly mixed and produced by U.K. studio legend Glyn Johns, who was actually lured out of retirement to remix and remaster. A legend of the music world who’s worked with The Beatles, The Who and more, Johns along with guitarist Scott Gorham, did a smashing job producing the VH1 Records CD. Although Thin Lizzy’s 1978 album Live And Dangerous is often thought to be the definitive statement from Thin Lizzy, the October 20, 1977 live show from Philadelphia—never before released and now preserved on Still Dangerous—makes a solid and compelling counterpart. Mixed for maximum impact by the golden ears of Glyn Johns, the CD is a great unearthed Thin Lizzy rediscovery. “The Boys Are Back In Town,” “Jailbreak,” the best of Thin Lizzy along with key liner notes and excellent color pics makes Still Dangerous an electrifying and essential live CD from Phil Lynott and company.


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