Beautiful Device


One of the bright guitar stars on the current jazz-rock fusion scene, Todd Grubbs is well known in the Tampa Bay region of Florida and, with several CDs under his belt, he’s set to break out with some overdue national attention. His 2004 CD Toddities Volume 1 collects eleven tracks that didn’t seem to fit on what Todd calls his “normal albums.” The 2004 release of Beautiful Device finds Grubbs in the company of top players like drummer Jeff Henry. The eleven track Beautiful Device is Grubbs at his most innovative, combining hard-hitting electric guitar rock grooves with some out there, funky fusion guitar sounds. Masterful at both rock and jazz guitar styles, Grubbs stretches out even further with the 2007 CD release of the rock flavored Red Door—an eleven track group effort by his band 3 Green Windows with Grubbs on guitar, Henry on drums along with singer Bo Smith and Alan Tatum on bass. Reaching out for a wider audience, 3 Green Windows blends hard rock, folk-rock and jazz fusion with great results. There’s even covers of the Stones, Tom Waits and Robert Johnson. As cool as Red Door sounds with it’s mix of electric rock ‘n roll, instrumental fusion fans should start with the masterful punch of Beautiful Device.


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