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Described as “a collection of ten original songs… music to heal, inspire and unite”, Trust provides a superb introduction to the music of Washington, D.C. based singer-songwriter Tom Nichols. Renowned for years as the co-producer on the many acclaimed instrumental music albums by New Age piano virtuoso Dan Chadburn, on Trust, Tom steps out as a fantastic artist in his own right. First released on CD back in 2011, the ten track, 40+ minute Trust is a momentous pop-rock album, complete with introspective lyrics and catchy melodies that frame Tom’s songs with a peaceful, calm sound. Contributing his one-of-a-kind piano sounds to several tracks here, Dan Chadburn makes his presence felt while other musicians appearing on the superbly recorded Trust include Paul Bell (electric / acoustic guitars), Holly Montgomery (co-production, bass), Andy Hamburger (drums), Jeff Hamlin (piano), Helen Hausmann (violin) along with other fine players, producers and engineers. Describing his musical mission on Trust in his CD liner notes Tom explains, “Through my own journey in creating Trust, I have realized the many gifts that music can provide. Trust has afforded me the opportunity to confront and conquer the many fears that have kept me from becoming the man I am called to be and to celebrate the man I am becoming.” With its stellar combination of impressive performances and superb production skills, Trust shines a light on Tom’s songwriting as well as his fondness of classic rock and pop music. No matter how depressed or challenged the listener's mood, with its message of hope and gratitude, Trust provides the right kind of sonic spirit needed to uplift the listener to a more promising place in their life. A vital discovery for supporters of contemporary music, Trust deserves a place in the music collections of pop-rock fans.


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