Tracey Ullman's State Of The Union


In her earlier life, Tracey Ullman rocked the music world as a brilliant singer who could cover all manners of pop music. Moving on as an actress, her resume is wide and varied. Eagle’s 2008 DVD captures five episodes of her show, Tracey Ullman’s State Of The Union. Described as Ullman’s look at ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Absolutely Ridiculous,’ State Of The Union is a side splitting, satirical look at the state of America today. Ullman is brilliant as a singer and equally brilliant as a comic actress. Two plus hours of classic Ullman, Tracey Ullman’s State Of The Union comes with tons of extras including blooper reel, outtakes, screen tests, commentary and deleted scenes. Impeccably filmed, State Of The Union will crack you up and, beautifully filmed, it’s a joy to watch.


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