Pieces In A Modern Style 2


Back in the '60s, the illustrious, original Decca Records label from England was responsible for so many of the great classic rock albums from the Rolling Stones and Moody Blues to say nothing of their amazing classical repertoire which is world renowned. The label is handled Stateside here in America by Decca Records US who are owned by multi-national conglomerate Universal Music. In late 2010, Decca worldwide have a great new CD from remix / producer genius William Orbit entitled Pieces In A Modern Style 2. Released as a follow up to William’s 1999 volume one of Pieces, this second installment features more newly worked-up, switched on electronic adaptations of Orbit’s influential classical music favorites including electronic symphonic covers of music we all know and love from the pens of classical music heroes with famous last names like J.S. Bach, Pucccini, Faure, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Saint-Saens and more. As astute music fans will remember going back to the early ‘80s, William Orbit earned his stripes as a recording artist back the heyday of the mid ‘80s, just when CD was first coming out, while producing very appealing dance pop and instrumental no-speak electronica for Miles Copeland’s now historic IRS label back in the ‘80s and for much of the ‘90s. As a side project to his continuing success as a producer and remix artist, Orbit sounds right at home on this magical foray into the world of classical electronica. Commenting on his instrumental classical New Age mix Orbit adds, ‘My parents loved classical music. So those sounds come naturally to me. Classical was the only music that was played in our house. That’s why I keep returning to classical pieces for inspiration.’ Fans of Wendy Carlos, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre will get a buzz off of Orbit's modern approach to classical music. Fans should note that there’s also a companion CD to Pieces—entitled Pieces In A Modern Style 2 - Remixes, that reworks the CD release and adds in even more electronic and percussive effects—but (so far) it’s only available as a download, while there is yet another companion CD available on Decca entitled Pieces In The Original Style, compiling the original classical works that inspired William Orbit. Back around the time when this writer first started in the music business back in 1983, I sent William Orbit my first Lp release on Breakthru' Records of the Pekka Pohjola album Urban Tango. I don’t know if William remembers this but I recall he said some nice things to me about the Lp and I was very grateful somebody of his enormous musical intellect would say something cool about the late Pekka Pohjolawho will surely be viewed as being one of the greatest, if not the greatest classical jazz-rock composers and recording artists in the centuries to comeso, that said it’s more than gratifying for this long time fan to see William Orbit still winning over whole new generations of pop, classical and electronic music fans with Pieces In A Modern Style 2. www.WilliamOrbit.com


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