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Over the past several years, Image Entertainment has released key Classic Artists DVD sets from Cream and The Moody Blues and likewise their Classic Artists double DVD set from Yes chronicles the tale of the most revered prog-rock band of the past 40 years. Unlike Cream, a band that broke up in 1968 and The Moody Blues, Yes still features the two key members that started the band 40 years ago this year. With both Jon Anderson and Chris Squire on hand, Yes: Their Definitive Fully Authorized Story In A 2-Disc Deluxe Set spotlights 4+ hours of Yes history including a comprehensive story of Yes in two and half hours on disc 1 and another 2+ hours of DVD extras including unseen rehearsal footage from 1996, extended interviews, photo galleries and three music videos. Not a bad package at all but hearing a story from original guitarist Pete Banks on how he almost came to fists with Steve Howe is a bit unnerving. Also on hand are drummers Alan White and Bill Bruford, keyboard hero Rick Wakeman with many others including music journalist Chris Welch. Over the past four decades, the music of Yes always transcended any personality crises in the band so lets hope there’s more music on the way to quash concerns of long time fans who’ve been patiently waiting for a new Yes album since 2001.


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