The Space Movie
(Voiceprint / MVD)


Over in the U.K., Voiceprint continue to astound with a batch of 2007 releases including the full 80 minutes director’s cut DVD of The Space Movie, Tony Palmer’s film classic from 1979. Made by Palmer in 1979 at the request of NASA to celebrate the 1969 lunar landing by Neil Armstrong, the film is also a tribute to the late President Kennedy, as it was his vision that was clearly intrinsic to man landing on the moon. Filmed with breathtaking outer space footage culled from the NASA archives, The Space Movie also features an excellent soundtrack by guitarist Mike Oldfield, who blends unreleased orchestrations from Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and his then, 1979 album Incantations. Palmer’s excellent video history of man venturing into space won best British film of the year back then and it’s still a fascinating look back at JFK’s early vision of landing a man on the moon. He would have loved it.


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