Bridge Of Sighs


Guitar great Robin Trower stunned the music world with his 1974 guitar classic Bridge Of Sighs. With the former Procol Harum guitar ace backed up by James Dewar (bass/vocals) and Bill Lordan (drums), this classic rock album found Trower expanding on the bold blues rock power trio format explored on his 1973 solo debut, Twice Removed From Yesterday. The big difference between both albums that for Bridge Of Sighs the time was right for Trower, with the album spawning a number of FM classics from the era. From the liner notes included in the 16 track 2007 reissue of Bridge Of Sighs on Capitol / EMI, Trower recalls the album benefited from producer Matthew Fisher’s choice of Beatles studio ace Geoff Emerick to oversee the engineering. As a result the album sounds as cool as work Eddie Kramer did with Hendrix five years before. Capitol’s 2007 CD remaster of Bridge Of Sighs is enhanced by eight additional bonus cuts recorded circa ‘74 / ‘75 for the BBC.


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